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Private Classes

Two Doulas Birth offers private classes for couples unable to make a public childbirth class. Based on your preferences and scheduling needs, one of our certified doula educators will meet you at your home or at her office to prepare you for your birth, breastfeeding and early postpartum experience. Our private classes cover the same topics as our public childbirth education classes but can be tailored to your unique needs, interests, and concerns.

Topics covered include:

  • anatomy and physiology of birth
  • how to prepare for the birth process
  • comfort measures for labor including breathing techniques, massage, positioning, visualization, hypnosis, and more
  • medical interventions and pain medications discussed in an evidence-based, non-judgmental fashion
  • the basics of postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and newborn care

Our private sessions will give you the information, skills, and confidence you need to have an empowering birth experience and journey into new parenthood.

We generally recommend planning for three 2-3 hour private class sessions, but other scheduling accommodations can be made.

Along with the class material, we also provide you with a comprehensive manual that reiterates and goes deeper into the concepts we teach you in class, access to our Two Doulas Birth YouTube channel with videos reviewing our techniques, tons of community referrals, and outside reading suggestions. We also offer monthly community events to help you create a support network during your transition into parenthood. We find that these events are even more beneficial for parents that aren’t able to take a public class with other expecting parents.

So, if our public class options don’t fit your schedule or due date, register for a private class. Once you have completed your registration and payment for private classes, we will be in touch to figure out your preferred day and time preferences and we will schedule your exclusive classes with one of our doula educators.

Cost: $495/couple

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